A Cisco WAP (Wireless Access Point) to connect to WiFi


WiFi is a type of wireless technology used in computer networking. This enables devices like smartphones and tablets to connect to the network without needing cables. The wireless part of the network is often called a WLAN.

WiFi is used for mobility. This is where devices are able to move around while still being connected to the network.

A WiFi network will usually have one or more Wireless Access Points for wireless devices to connect to. You probably have one at home, built into your internet router.

Wireless devices have a wireless network card built in. That’s a tiny little chip that lets your phone ‘talk’ to the access point using radio waves.

The use of radio waves is regulated by most governments. That means that you need a special license to use some frequencies, or bands. This is to prevent one radio system from interfering with another, which is especially important for things like emergency services.

Common WiFi though, uses the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. In most, if not all countries, this is an unlicensed spectrum. This means that anyone is allowed to use it without needing a special license.