IEEE's logo with blue text and a white background. With the words 'Advancing Technology for Humanity'.

What Is IEEE?

IEEE is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

It’s a technical organization that defines certain standards around electronic equipment.

But what is a standard? A standard is a document that defines how certain technologies work. This means that any manufacturer can make their products according to these standards. Their products are then guaranteed to work with other manufacturers.

An example of this is IEEE’s 802.3 standard. You may know this better as Ethernet. It is technically a group of standards, under the one umbrella. For example, 10 mega bit, 100 mega bit and 1 giga bit and of course, may others.

Another well known standard is 802.11 which is WiFi.

It’s not all networking though. IEEE also define many other standards. These include consumer electronics, robotics and medical equipment.

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