The exterior of a building, an example of an Enterprise business, which would run and enterprise network

Enterprise Network

From an IT perspective, an enterprise is a midsize to large business or organization.

These range from small local government organizations, to large multinational companies like banks.

An enterprise network is a large network that supports an enterprise business.

While some characteristics are like smaller networks, there are some big differences.

For example:

  • In most cases, there are many offices, maybe hundreds, each with their own LANs
  • Remote offices connect to bigger offices with WANs
  • There are more than one internet and WAN connections, to provide redundancy, in case one fails
  • This type of network has lots of routers, switches, access points, and other network technologies
  • Some server equipment at head offices, and some at data centres
  • There is a high variety of IT technologies to achieve the business goals
  • They have a need for very high uptime
  • The network needs to be high-speed, and very reliable